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About Us

ZADScience is a Data-driven Enterprise that seeks to empower businesses with key insights derived from thorough business data analysis. Unlike traditional data science companies, ZADScience is able to create and simulate data for enterprises that may not have data resources that spans a few years. Moreover ZADScience is inclined to IT Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Technology. This gives ZADScience a competitive advantage, since we are able to trace and interact with your data lineage and can advise how your data can be stored on the AWS Cloud through cost-effective measures and appropriate AWS cloud offering.

Our Services

  1. Capability Assessments - Here we assess your Customer Profiling, Product Catalogue & Order Fulfillment business capabilities for improvements and gaps.
  2. Data Analysis - Here we go through your company data, extracted from many business touchpoints, such as product sales, customer interactions (Call Centre or Contact Channels),etc. This is where we derive your key business data insights for analysis, strategy direction and prediction.
  3. AWS Cloud Consulting - Working directly with AWS EMEA Partner Program to assist with your AWS cloud requirements including migration and workload cost optimisation.

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Address: 88 Oakhill Mooilkloof Ridge Garsfontein Pretoria 0081

Phone: +27721828528
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